Sex after marriage?

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Sex on schedule

I know a lot of couples (I'm thinking particularly ones with kids) have to schedule sex, and I really don't mind doing that - it's better than not at all and frankly sometimes I just forget about it so it's good to have a reminder - but this weekend was ALL ABOUT the scheduled shagging.

Granted, I kind of expected that, because as I said, we had a visitor. S. is a very social sort of person, so wouldn't think about going off and doing stuff alone when she can talk us into coming. Hence, we needed to take advantage of the few times we had alone (ie when she was in the shower, and when she was out with friends for a couple of hours.)

The big problem with scheduled sex however, is that if you have a husband like mine, you better damn well be in the mood when it's scheduled. If the idea of having sex is put out there, then it will be in the forefront of his mind until it happens. If I say "we'll do it in an hour", then ten minutes after the hour and he's getting antsy; half an hour after the time is up and he's getting angry.

This makes Husband sound like a bit of a prick, and he really isn't. It's a character foible that he has about many things - it's being unable to handle disappointment. I think that I have only promised sex maybe twice in the three years that we have been together and not delivered. He gets so sad puppy dog about someone letting him down that I can't handle the guilt! This is in complete contrast to Previous Boyfriend to whom I used to promise sex all the time and then maybe put out one time in ten (at varying intervals according to good psychological conditioning - I kid I kid! - but it did seem to transpire like that.)

So how to make up for doing it only twice in a weekend when we are apart all week? Well, have hot kinky fantasy sex, the kind where you wear leather, and tie up your husband and use a nice bit of leather thong as a cock ring, spank him a few times, then violate his ass and tease him with a vibrator. That shuts him up real good.


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