Sex after marriage?

Tuesday, January 25, 2005


age I lost my virginity: 15
age I started masturbating: 12
age when I got oral for the first time: 14
age when I gave oral for the first time: 15
age of first 69: 15
number of men I've slept with: about 20
number of men I've given blow jobs to: about 8
number of women I've slept with: 0
number of women I've made out with (no not as a stunt for frat boys): 2
maximum number of wanks in a day: 7 or 8
number of dates Husband and I went on before we had sex: 1
longest I've gone without sex since losing my virginity: 6 weeks
longest Husband and I have gone without doing it since we got together: 6 days

what does this all mean? who knows.


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