Sex after marriage?

Monday, January 24, 2005

a different sort of masturbation

We did it! Husband and I just spent the final weekend together in our apart lives. Next weekend we will be a couple living in the same state. Woo! We had a tiring weekend of snow, and weirdly, not a lot of sex.

One curious episode though, was one which I'm sure happens a lot, to most couples. I had just come out of the shower, and was only wearing a thong. Husband was still in bed, about to get up. He loves it when I just wear a thong: he's an ass man, although I do think he appreciates my boobs quite well enough. So of course he's making me turn around and I'm posing for him. Naturally, he gets horny: he's got morning wood already, and there I am prancing in front of him. The problem is, I feel nothing. Usually I get off on being ogled like that, but I was cold, I just wanted to get dressed and go out to eat brunch. I figure I'll give him a quick handjob and get it over with, but he wanted me to sit on his face while I played with him. Usually this wouldn't be a problem, but for some reason it really pissed me off. Maybe I was just in a bad mood. Maybe I was upset that I just wasn't horny, but I felt like if I was doing him a favor, I shouldn't have to put up with him slurping around me for his gratification.

Anyway, weird. I don't usually have those nasty kind of thoughts.

Needless to say I did the deed and had a happy Husband for the rest of the day. He shot his load over 2 foot.


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